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Cold Water = Misery

The Problem

Heating water uses a lot of energy and running any kind of engine drives your neighbours mad, but unless you do or are connected to a source of mains power, your boiler does not heat the water whether at sea, on rivers or canals, or on dry land.

RESULT? Cold showers and no hot water to do the dishes!

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Hot Water = Happiness

The Solution

Install SOLAR GREEN our intelligent solar hot water system controller and use excess solar energy to heat your water. Connected to your domestic 12, 24, or 48v batteries, it measures  their charge voltage and if greater than the set values for on and Off (usually 12.6 and 12.0v for lead/acid) it then checks the water temperature. If over 40°C and under 52° it turns on the heating element.

  • Versions for 12, 24, & 48v batteries

  • Lead/Acid or Lithium

  • Uses the mains when connected

  • Completely user configurable

  • Solar powered - environmentally sensitive

  • Less engine use - lower fuel consumption

  • Great value

  • Simple to install - plug & play

  • Money Back Guarantee

Most batteries are full by mid-day in summer!
Don't waste the rest. Use it for heating water !

See Yacht Installation Presentation

This is a video introduction to the product made 5 years ago when we first introduced the product. This the earlier analog version now replaced by the more flexible and tolerant digital upgrade. The video takes you through the basics of the installation process

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